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The signs of needing our specialist brake replacements are quite obvious. If your car leans to one side when you press down on the pedal, that means one of your pads is sticking and needs repairing. Or if you can hear a crunching and grinding sound when you go to stop your car, your pads are wearing thin and need replacing completely. Whatever the problem is, bring your car to us at D & J Motors in Meanwood, Leeds where we can help make your car safe again.

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When you need clutch replacements, the signs are just as obvious as when your brakes are failing. Can you smell burning when you press down on the clutch? Does the car keep jerking when you try to change gear or drive off from a standing start? Get in touch with D & J Motors in Meanwood, Leeds today!

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After replacing your brakes and clutches, you can depend on us to provide full safety testing for your new fittings. This is to ensure that you're able to drive on the road again safely and smoothly.